Funchain Technology Holdings Affiliate Launches Digital Collectible Ecommerce Platform

2021-12-1 23:43
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A Funchain Technology shareholder said that "Red Hole Technology", a distributor of Funchain Technology, will announce the "Red Hole Digital Collection Platform" at the "China Metaverse Summit 2021" available on December 5th. It is an e-commerce platform for blockchain digital writing that supports blockchain-based technology from FunChain Technology and provides support services such as advertising and selling digital tools to IP content. At the same time, we will open up alpha phase experiences internally for users and regularly release blockchain digital collections in culture, art, fashion, sports and esport, allowing the user to buy and write on the platform. (Blockchain every day)

Bitbuy is licensed to operate as a listed cryptocurrency and investment company in Canada.
Golden Financial announced that the Canadian cryptocurrency trading platform Bitbuy Technologies Inc. Approved by Canadian regulators as a "registered company" and "trader" for crypto assets. In a statement released on Wednesday, Bitbuy said it had been approved by the Ontario Securities Commission (OSC) and the Canadian Securities Regulatory Authority (CSA). Bitbuy is the first cryptocurrency trading company in Canada to register and trade capital, and the other platform is only allowed to conduct business transactions or exchanges.
2021-12-1 23:30