Kusama Parachain Moonriver Integrate the Chainlink price offer

2021-12-1 23:17
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Golden Financial has announced that the Moonbeam smart platform has partnered with Chainlink to deliver value to the Kusama Parachain Moonriver, according to official news. Developers can now use Moonriver's Chainlink oracle capabilities to create DeFi smart contracts using external data and count chains.

ZenGoX corrects the inconvenience of double spending on the DeSo network.
Golden Financial said that ZenGo X, the research arm of cryptocurrency wallet provider ZenGo, has discovered that the downsides of double spending on the DeSo (DeSo) network could cause DeSo to hold onto the Gringotts' money. Bank. DeSo rewards ZenGo $ 75,000. ZenGo X also states that security is not a risk for users or for the DeSo blockchain. The solutions planned by ZenGoX have been implemented in DeSo.
2021-12-1 23:06