NFT's KohiKintsugi series, which can be designed from the Ethereum chain archives, recently sold for $ 10,000.

2021-11-28 00:56
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According to the news of November 28, NFTs that can be created from the Ethereum blockchain archives will go on sale this Wednesday at a price of 2ETH. The latest addition to the Kohi Kintsugi series, the largest in the series for 4 ETH in September. This NFT differs from other NFTs in that it is on a blockchain and can be deployed using the Ethereum modification client. According to the report, “The main innovation of this platform and this creative work is that the information for the presentation work is stored in the blockchain. This means that the images themselves can be copied as long as Ethereum l 'a "(Trustnode).

Note: Men represent at least 79% of all NFT art sales.
According to the Golden Financial Report, Art Tactic NFT Art Market Report 2021 reported by Bloomberg Equality, women represent only 1 in 20 NFT sales in the integrated digital boom. The report also noted that in 16% of cases the gender of the perpetrator was still unknown. Another aspect of the negative role of female digital artists is that they earn less than men. (U. Today)
2021-11-28 00:32