dYdX instructed users authorized to deposit money on the platform after November 24 to withdraw their funds immediately.

2021-11-27 23:41
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On November 27, dYdX tweeted that the group had received a security warning for the new smart user agreement today at 5:21 am UTC. Officials said there was no loss of money and all money was safe. dYdX also warns that users who agree to deposit money on the platform after November 24 must immediately go to trade.dydx.exchange to withdraw their funds. The free samczsun hacker works with the dYdX team to save any money that may be affected. As part of the whitehat recovery, all affected funds, including those not included in the dYdX, have been referred to the smart contract. You can only withdraw this money from your wallet (you can withdraw it at any time).

Before the crypto industry lost more than 10%, the top 1,000 Ethereum wallets were reducing their SHIB holdings by more than 8%.
According to news from Nov. 27, SHIB rose 30% the day after yesterday's sale, then fell back to 15% overnight. SHIB has been trading short since November 26 and has not yet crossed a limit. Some users of loose SHIB whales, but the store is not responding much. As a measure of volume, the contrast of SHIB tokens is still minimal due to the reduced buying and selling pressure. Additionally, according to data from WhaleStats, before the cryptocurrency market fell more than 10% in one day, 1,000 larger Ethereum wallets bought USDT and other stablecoins on the Ethereum chain, thus reducing their SHIB holding by more than 8%. Now, Whales' SHIB hold has reached preventative levels, and at the time of publication, Whales still has around $ 1 billion in his wallet. (U. Today)
2021-11-27 23:42