Before the crypto industry lost more than 10%, the top 1,000 Ethereum wallets were reducing their SHIB holdings by more than 8%.

2021-11-27 23:42
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According to news from Nov. 27, SHIB rose 30% the day after yesterday's sale, then fell back to 15% overnight. SHIB has been trading short since November 26 and has not yet crossed a limit. Some users of loose SHIB whales, but the store is not responding much. As a measure of volume, the contrast of SHIB tokens is still minimal due to the reduced buying and selling pressure. Additionally, according to data from WhaleStats, before the cryptocurrency market fell more than 10% in one day, 1,000 larger Ethereum wallets bought USDT and other stablecoins on the Ethereum chain, thus reducing their SHIB holding by more than 8%. Now, Whales' SHIB hold has reached preventative levels, and at the time of publication, Whales still has around $ 1 billion in his wallet. (U. Today)

Guotai Junan: Barcode payment policy will bring benefits to the development of digital RMB.
According to the November 27 article, in the context of the November 26 barcode monitoring payment policy and other news, the digital benefits and mobile payments of A- the market have fully supported. In this regard, Guotai Junan Consensus pointed out that according to the new policy, the barcode payment policy will bring benefits to the digital renminbi. Guotai Junan said in a barcode monitoring report that from March 1, 2022, small businesses will no longer be able to use the same QR numbers. Existing small business owners have two redemption options, the first is to use the merchant's QR code with the payment, which is ideal for banks with a third payment license. , and the second is to use the digital yuan wallet. have that. Digital promotion of the renminbi. (China Securities Network)
2021-11-27 22:52