Nigerian artist Davido launches fan Token EchokeSocialToken

2021-11-27 22:42
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On November 27, Nigerian pop and celebrity artist Davido recently announced fan token Echoke Social Token on his Instagram account. According to Davido's Instagram post, tokens can connect directly with fans and remove unwanted third parties. He added that symbol holders will receive free gifts, NFTs, round-trip tickets, activities, celebrations, specials, announcements and hospitality benefits. Davido, who previously said he wanted to start a bitcoin trading company, announced that he had partnered with Bitsika Africa's new crypto firm, Omegoat, to develop a token. At the same time, Cryptoplustv announced that the Echoke social token will no longer be sold to fans and will be released or offered to fans within 12 months, with the first price set for November 28. (

Residents of El Salvador still don't know how to use Bitcoin and Chivo wallets.
On November 27, the government of El Salvador announced $ 30 worth of bitcoins to residents through a Cibo wallet. , Chibo was completely abandoned. Others say they are still waiting for prices to go up. Luis Mauricio, a 30-year-old mechanic, said: “The Chivo is not yet fully operational, but I hope it can be adjusted over time to give customers more confidence in the road. if V. Even on weekends, we find it difficult to use the Chivo ATM. According to previous reports, hundreds of Salvadorans said in late October that hackers opened a Chivo wallet using their ID number to benefit from the government's $ 30 bitcoin. (decryption)
2021-11-27 22:33