Research: 61% of Americans love crypto by 2022

2022-1-21 04:33
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Interest in crypto continues to rise as Africans get excited about the future of digital assets, reports Golden Financial. The first annual Crypto Trust Survey, released by public market cryptocurrency platform Voyager Digital, explores American cryptocurrency knowledge and the outlook for cryptocurrency performance in 2022. The report contains a number of positive comments. According to the survey results, nearly two-thirds of respondents described themselves as crypto bulls and 61% said they were likely to buy a cryptocurrency this year. Voyager did not disclose the number of respondents, but the results show that by 2021, only 27% of Americans plan to invest in cryptocurrencies, a further increase from past research results. (News from Tebarat Express)

Stash adds GBTC and ETH exposure to its asset management products.
Golden Financial announced that it has begun offering cryptocurrency influence to its users by including two Grayscale Investments trust funds in its Stash management data. The company will start allocating select users' smart wallet funds to GBTC and ETHE. GBTC and ETHE have assets under management of approximately $27 billion and $10 billion, respectively. Elizabeth Marchietti, chief investment officer of Stash, said the quotas for GBTC and ETH were between 4% and 6%, the equivalent of two trusts, depending on the risk of becoming information. It has been easier to invest in trust in existing cryptocurrencies than to invest directly in crypto assets, he added. Founded in 2015, Stash is an investment and business platform that manages 6 million users and approximately $3 billion in assets. (blocks)
2022-1-21 04:04