Developed with 1inchNetwork, Avalanche and GnosisChain

2022-1-21 02:08
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The Golden Financial Group has announced that the 1inch Network company has announced that the 1inch aggregation protocol and the 1inch restriction process have been placed on the Avalanche and Gnosis chain. 1inch Network says its goal is to expand its capabilities in the DeFi sector, giving users more options for low-cost, high-performance services. As of mid-January 2022, Gnosis Chain's TVL was $28.2 million.

Bitcoin and Lightning Infrastructure Company Voltage Closes $6 Million Funding Round
Golden Financial News, Bitcoin and infrastructure company Lightning Voltage have raised $6 million in a funding round led by leading venture capital firm Trammell Venture Partners, in partnership with Craft Ventures, Fulgur Ventures and Trammell General Manager Christopher Calicott at and Tenzing. vc ua. Venture Partners will join Voltage's board of directors. Voltage provides hosting services for users wishing to run Bitcoin or Lightning Nodes in the cloud. The services also include a dashboard that users can interact with, and Voltage said the grants will help them further develop and improve their enterprise-grade Bitcoin and Lightning infrastructure solutions, support their development, and expand their reach. team. (Bitcoin Magazine)
2022-1-21 01:40