The NFT casting platform based on the DROPP site has been launched.

2022-1-15 16:47
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According to the important news on January 15, the NFT DROPP casting platform has started. It is also the first NFT platform to use geolocation technology. Users can congregate at a site designed to issue a special NFT. The platform is divided into three phases depending on location: DROPP Special NFT, DROPP Real Estate and DROPP 3D. The platform reportedly received investments from DeFiance Investment, Our Company Investment, Animoca Brand, Genblock Investment, Alameda Research, Anti Fund, Spartan, Panony, Evernew Capital, Solar Eco Fund, SVC Skyvision Capital, Shima Capital, and Old Fashion Research. .

NirvanaFISH (Fishing World) Announces Online NFT Fishing Game Account
According to media reports, NirvanaFISH (World of Fish), a game owned by NirvanaMeta, announced an NFT fishing game account. Universe Rebirth, Flying Dragon NFT, Nirvana Miracle, all NFT game accounts in Universe Zone can play NirvanaMeta (Cosmic Fish King) fishing game. The total number of NFT fishing game accounts is 10 million, and the MNU channel and HECO channel are shipped simultaneously. Opening hours are 8:00 p.m. on January 16, 2022.
2022-1-15 16:39