President Xi Jinping: Continue to make our country's digital economy stronger and better

2022-1-15 16:28
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Golden finance report, January 15, January 15, China's Office of my country, "in Article has been in recent years, the internet, large case, Climbing Cards Chains and other funds and development Rules, Rules, and responsibilities for Quick development speeds, wide scattered, and related to the world's time service, it is An important tool? For a long time, I have always been important to the development of the technology and the economy. In 2000, we are prepared for the use of "Fujian" during the Fujian work. In 2003, the use of "the Zhejiang" was intended during Zhejiang work. After the 18th National Assembly of China's Communist party, I continually mention the development of the economy. The 3th Group study at the 18th central political state in 2016, about a large economy and presented a new site for economic growth. For the first time, we are prepared funding development of the 20th National Leader group of Hangzhou Summit. It is generally known by leaders and investors in many countries. Conversgence; In 2018, we are usually new infrastructure as 5 g, 5 g, artificial intelligence, and have internet. In 2021, the World Internet Conference Wuzhen The summit may cross the economic growth and improve the government. Optimize the effect, environmental relationships, creating a professional model, creating a security problem to people in all fields code.

The InjectiveBridge V2 release is almost complete.
On January 15, Injective News reports that the V2 version of Breaking the Bridge will soon be complete, which will provide cross-chain solutions for the Ethereum, Cosmos, and IBC ecosystems.
2022-1-15 16:11