Uruguay's first cryptocurrency ATM has been set up

2022-1-15 15:56
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On January 15, it was announced that Uruguay had received its first cryptocurrency ATM installed in the southeastern city of Punta del Este. This encrypted ATM was developed by Urubit and Inbierto, previously focusing on the software component of the system and ultimately delivering the hardware to the ATM. Crypto ATM ATM is known to support only five cryptocurrencies (including two national tokens): Peret Token, Urbit, BTC, BNB, and BUSD. (Bitcoins)

RariCapital was heavily fined and Paidun said the current theft was $250,000.
[RariCapital & Paidun Heavyweight Victims Claim Stolen Assets Now Received $250,000] According to Floating Protocol Tweet Jan 15, Floating Protocol Pool Puts 90 Heavyweights on Sex Impact FLOAT / USDC About $1 million of stolen money from UniV3 lake, on approximately $550,000 in FLOAT/USDC from Uniswap V3. PeckShield later said it found the hackers recovering $250,000 of the stolen goods.
2022-1-15 15:53