BTC fell below $43,000.

2022-1-15 15:14
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BTC fell below $43,000 and is currently down 0.24% intraday at $42,998.36. Please manage your risk well because the market does not change.

Baidu Li Shiyan: Let everyone achieve "digital freedom" in two years
On January 14, at Baidu Technology Salon No. 4 with the theme of digital human, "AI I'm leaving! At this event, Li Shiyan, director of Baidu Intelligent Cloud AI Human-Computer Interaction Laboratory, said, For two years, our goal has been to open the Yunsiling platform, everyone can experience the freedom of digital people. " During the Baidu Creation Conference (Baidu AI Developers Conference) in December 2021, it was announced that Baidu CTO Wang Haifeng announced the "Baidu Smart Cloud Xiling Digital Human Platform", which includes human developers, design themes and service activity. . Equipment at platform level. Today, it has the ability to quickly deliver products on a standardized basis, enabling customers in multiple areas to quickly realize their needs, reduce costs and increase efficiency. .
2022-1-15 15:19