The number of unrecognized transactions across the Bitcoin network is 3,712.

2022-1-15 01:33
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According to the Golden Financial report, according to data from, the current number of unrecognized exchanges in the entire Bitcoin network is 3,712, counting the strength of the entire network is 183.38.EH / s, and the 24-hour exchange rate is 3.21. industry. / sec, the current hardness of the whole network is 24.37T, and the next hard drive is expected to increase by 4.16% to 25.39T, with 6 days and 21 hours remaining until the upgrade.

ETH is worth $ 3,300.
ETH broke through the $3,300 mark and is now up 0.67% intraday from $3,300.26. Market trading is very efficient, so please manage your risk well.
2022-1-15 01:02