Ethereum 2.0 Client Nimbus Release Schedule-Emergency Performance Optimization Version v1.6.0

2022-1-14 22:43
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On January 14, Ethereum 2.0 Nimbus users released v1.6.0, a hotline update, adding support for the Keymanager API (currently in beta) and general process metrics. functional performance evaluation.

Query launches the Thawj Metaverse "Curvature Search" search engine
Golden Financial announced that Qury, a search engine company, announced Curvature Search, a metaverse search engine, on January 14. At this point, the first version of Curvature Search (beta) is complete, providing users with specialized metaverse search, as well as the ability to search for homes, assets, activities here, symbols, and other information in various metavers. . the. We've collected a lot of information about the Metaverse from across the network, including files, videos, games, and NFT tools.
2022-1-14 22:43